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Terms of Conditions

Dear client,


Your reservation acknowledges the terms and conditions below.

You can book our programs either online or by phone. Bookings by phone will be reconfirmed over the phone providing availability. Bookings online will be reconfirmed by mail. Having received our reconfirmation you pay your booked program either by bank payment or by credit card prior to the commencment of your tour.

Should the program on your desired date be fully booked you will receive an appropriate message along with an info of an alternative date.


We put high priority on your and our own safety throughout our programs. Therefore we require that you follow the instructions by our driver guides and tourguides respectively. They will be happy to provide you with all necessary information and helpful recommendations in order to comply with the law and regulations of the Federal Republic of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Should a part of the program or the whole program need to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, traffic delays or in the Act of God while enroute no refunds will be made. We will, by any means, be happy to offer you an alternative service at this time whenever possible.


In the event of the cancelation of a tour from our side on short notice before the beginning of your booked program you will receive a full refund of your transferred sum or you can choose the next available date.


We are not responsible or liable for any of our customers` valuables that may be lost or left behind during a tour. Please note that customers will be held responsible in the case of any damage causes to our vehicle during the tour. As we will allow for a lunch break and breaks enroute we ask for your kind understanding to consume no other than dry food and non-alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle.



The parties agree that any action for any claim shall be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

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