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Enjoy Bavaria Tours welcome specially abled travellers and conceptualize tours designed for their needs. With our expertise and the support by experts in the field we operate itineraries suitable for travellers in a wheel chair, blind and deaf visitors or those with reduced sight. By carefully assessing challenges enroute we create the desired solutions for a unique, relaxed travel experience for our specially abled clients. Along with many of our colleagues and tour operators worldwide we share the philosophy Travel for All.

Accessible public transport

Outdoor excursion at English Garden, Munich

Admiring sacral treasures in the

Romanesque cathedral of Speyer

"Travel is a part of every individual's lifetime, and denying yourself this pleasure just because you happen to be disabled is a greater injustice than being faved with barriers of infrastructure and transport. With our "Travel for All" philosophy we not only strive to provide you with all the information required for a completely accessible and enjoyable holiday but also ensure sensitive support staff and inclusive activities enjoyed by all visitors universally. So come along, enjoy our food, drink and hospitality which embodies the spirit of barrier free tourism and the inclusive German way of live. Danke!"

A friend and associate of Enjoy Bavaria Tours and a pioneer in the field

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