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At the Motel One Munich-Westend, we look forward to hosting you at any time of year with design evoking the atmosphere of the world-famous traditional Oktoberfest. An ambiance recalling a more authentic version of this hugely popular fiesta is created by toy roundabout ornaments, rustic beer steins, folksy embroideries and even the shape of the comfy sofas. Works by Julia Christe from her “White Sands” series, depicting the traditional Bavarian thigh-slapping dance, add a final touch. Relax on inviting sofas and armchairs by Fredericia and Wittmann and take it all in. The interior design is characterised by furniture from Zeitraum, showcasing Bavarian design and workmanship.

Our great value Motel One Munich-Westend is convenient for the festival site and more situated right between the Theresienwiese and the Donnersbergerbrücke. Or if you’re planning to take in Munich's central sights, the tram will take you right to your destination from the Trappentreustraße stop just a few steps away. The central station, Marienplatz and Olympiapark can be reached from the hotel in a matter of minutes. And the Kronenbau, home to Circus Krone is nearby too.
Welcome to Motel One Munich-Westend – “O'zapft is”!

Kopie von Hotel - Motel One Munich-Westend

  • Rates are not valid for the following dates:

    • 26.01.2020 - 29.01.2020
    • 30.03.2020 - 02.04.2020
    • 03.05.2020 - 07.05.2020
    • 15.06.2020 - 18.06.2020
    • 20.06.2020 - 20.06.2020
    • 24.06.2020 - 24.06.2020
    • 03.07.2020 - 03.07.2020
    • 19.09.2020 - 03.10.2020
    • 04.10.2020 - 06.10.2020
    • 09.11.2020 - 13.11.2020
    • 31.12.2020 - 01.12.2021

    Rates for these dates on request.





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